Friday, May 13, 2011

Graphs and Zombies

Well, that whole blogging every day attempt in November totally fizzled out. Clearly, it was basically a month of tiredness. Much like the history of the internets, it devolved into short strings of words and youtube clips. Unlike the history of the internets, it just stopped.

In the meantime, every so often I’d get the irrational thought that I’d be able to keep up blogging regularly if I could just get started. The ol’ inertia challenge. Instead, I would root around the archives now and again, kind of amazed at myself for some of the posts I did. Like, wow. Culture and curiosity and stuff! Now, post law-school (I can say that and be 99.999999% correct! Whee!), I’ve become quite the zombie, culture-less, stuff-less, wow-less, just damn full of less. So here’s to maybe keeping this up for longer and becoming a curious, brainy, insightful zombie rather than just lumpy, blank zombie.

Are zombies played out? There’s just no good alternative to express the word/idea. So suck it, zombie haters. Give me your brains. I need an emergency supply, especially in the mornings before my coffee. (Whoa, my last sad little burst of blogging also went into zombie brain territory. Zombie zombie zombie. That thing that happens when you repeat/type a word so often it loses meaning....)(Is that a metaphor for life??!)(Sadness.) (Nothing is insightful in a chain of parentheses).

Actually, part of becoming a weirdo law school zombie, for me at least (as I’m sure many people end up going in the opposite direction), is not knowing what’s going on in the world, what’s played out and what’s not. I believe this used to be referred to what’s hot and what’s not. Wait a minute, maybe this is just part of growing old.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve graphed out the # of posts per year. And forecasted a very rosy total number for 2011. It’s been a pretty tumultuous kind of year so far, so I’m gonna be tumultuously optimistic (the only way for my placid disposition) and hopeful about reaching 150. Yeah!

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