Monday, November 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo PoMoFroYoWhoa.

You know what's insane? I had this idea that I would try to wake up earlier in the mornings. And then I had this idea that I would try to do something with a ridiculous name, like NaBloPoMo. And then I found out flickr is all different, I don't remember how to do basic html, and NaBloPoMo makes me cringe every time I have to type it and say it out loud in my brain. Cringe cringe, ugh. Also their website is so un-fun looking. And apparently I can hear in my brain. Can't youuuuu?

In any case, maybe I'm trying to remember how to blog or something of that sort. Work on the 2010 entry count up from its grand total of one. Also this is way easier than doing Nanowrimo, which I've always wanted to do. But Law School, that tyrant, would not be happy about such frippery. So, I guess this is where I try to kill two birds with pebbles and end up annoying them so that they lose some feathers and squawk and not wake me up early in the morning even though that would be an unexpected boon to this whole thing and I know the birds were metaphorical and this sentences is way too long. This is so much more fun than legal writing. I have full control of this space! MWhahahahahahahahHHHAaa!!!!

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