Wednesday, November 03, 2010


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What the hell, Wednesday? Why are you playing time tricks on me? Oh, look, Janet's trying to study or do something productive. Let's make time pass a gajillion times faster when she takes naps or takes a break. Cruel cruel time. Someone is stealing time from me, and it's not one of those magically inexplicable romantic movies where my soulmate exists in another time period. Instead it's my MORTAL ENEMY stealing time so that he can play unlimited games of tachinomi, where you have to serve customers yakitori and sake, green tea, beer, or ... orange juice? While I play two games and all of a sudden it's like 2 hours later. WTF. (Apparently Tachinomi is a bar counter for a quick drink and snack. I believe everyone will be 100% happier if there were such things installed on every block in every city thanks.) I always mix up the green tea and the orange juice, because of my FAT fingers. And then they get so angrryryryryrrrrr arrrrrr.

So anyways, a few weeks ago, I actually used my first Groupon to Kushi, an izakaya and sushi restaurant. Their website tell me it's in the heart of Mt Vernon Square, but in my mind, it's that weird area near Chinatown where the new Busboys and Poets is. Now there's a branch of Taylor Gourmet next door and Kushi too. So that neighborhood is starting to be a heart of FOOD, my favorite kind, so DC can call that neighborhood whatever it wants.

Kushi impressed me, even though it also felt like it was trying to be all these different things at once. I guess that's not even a bad thing, but it was kind of a different experience than going to the izakaya places in NY which are a bit more cosy-casual. This place was more like business-casual. Well, actually the place kind of screamed, I am trendy and cool yet understated! In any case, the food was pretty good and the service was dismissive (I don't think I got my rice for my order which is like a sin in Janet world) and I think it would be a fun, yummy place to go to again.

Lunch has some great deals. I ordered a set of 3 grilled skewers - chicken meatballs, pork belly, and wagyu beef - which came with some sushi. I know, not very adventurous, but lord, sit me down with some of that pork belly, which was ever so slightly crispy and then just melted in my mouth like magic peace and love, and some rice (and some kimchi) and I will never complain about some weirdo evil anti-soulmate stealing my time again.

my friend's chirashi - isn't it pretty? like a jewelbox of fish

The sushi was just okay but they had some interesting combinations on their menu, not your typical dragon roll and cream cheese business. We got a sea salt gelato to share which came with an unnecessary heavy hand of crystallized ginger. The gelato was kind of strangely addictive. Sweet, salty, creamy. Seeing that lemon opal basil sorbet was on the menu clued me into the fact that it was a Dolcezza creation. So pretty much anything on that gelato/sorbet dessert menu will be awesome. Next time to try - MOCHI! Just saying "mochi" enlivens my mood.

Yay food! Yay I finished this in time before Wednesday finished. VICTORY over TIME THIEVES! GIVE ME PORK BELLYYYYYY!!!!

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