Sunday, November 07, 2010


here's lookin' at you

Recently I borrowed from the library Niloufer Ichaporia King's cookbook of Parsi recipes, My Bombay Kitchen. Parsis settled in India from Persia and make up a dwindling population that UNESCO estimates will number 25,000 by 2020. King's book aims to preserve Parsi culture through its awesome-sounding cuisine, a party-mix of flavor influences from its Persian and Indian Gujarati roots. Parsi cuisine is also something you don't find easily at restaurants because it's family-based. Intriguing, no? There's a treasure chest of a cornucopia of a bounty of exciting recipes in the book, and King's voice is friendly and encouraging while weaving in Parsi history, personal stories, and helpful, detailed suggestions. It's totally at the top of my cookbook wishlist. (More on King and her book here).

Still, my lazybones prevented me from actually cooking from the book before I had to return it. But I knew I couldn't pass up trying out the eggs on potato chips (Wafer Par Ida) dish because come on, potato chips & eggs - howsoever can you go wrong? Add in the savoriness of onions, garlic, garlic and ginger, and the fresh bite of cilantro, and all of a sudden snack food becomes a meal!

So tonight I guess I felt super-eggy and decided to make both wafer par ida AND shakshuka. Shakshuka is both fun to say and delicious! It's originally a Tunisian dish that is very popular in Israel. (Here's another recipe adapted from NYC's Hummus Place.) They are like culinary cousins. Both have onions, garlic, chiles, some veggie based thing (I'm gonna count potato chips as veggie based), and soft cooked/kinda poached eggs. Deliciousness abound! They actually go quite well together and take to any variations your creative culinary minds come up with. I threw in some sad, lonely-looking kale that I had in my fridge to the shakshuka. And I'm not quite sure whether the potato chips are supposed to retain most of their crispiness or not. I'm a klutz and ended up pouring in a lot of water at the end. Either way, yummy.

Fun times! Go forth and make some eggs! Or share your favorite egg recipe!

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