Monday, November 08, 2010

the city

One of my new "academic year" resolutions was to start trying to like DC more, on the likelihood that I will be including "DC" as a potential suitor for a future employment relationship. I don't know why I'm speaking as if I made multiple academic year resolutions, when I only have the one. I guess I have the additional two of graduating and passing the bar, but those aren't really resolutions so much as gauntlets I must pass in this obstacle course we call life. So there's the one.

I don't really know how I'm doing except that I haven't quit yet. Part of the resolution involves doing more cultural things, as that is one of the aspects of life I miss the most about NY. So I've bought a mini subscription for some classical music, went to two theater performances, tried to do more fooding, got to try one of those trendy food trucks at the Curbside Cookoff, where the "cookoff" consisted of a contest of one, since it was near impossible to brave the lines to even get to a second. I had fun glimpsing Stewart & Colbert on screens on the Mall over the shoulders of painfully tall and broad people and reading funny rally signs. I finally got myself to the opera for a perfectly okay show (or, as Baltimore Sun's Tim Smith called it in his review "generally effective"). "Generally effective" doesn't sound too exciting though does it? But my attitude toward DC still hasn't sweetened as I wouldn't call DC even generally effective (hello, metro). So, I still don't love DC yet, but it's a process.

I had just been thinking the other day how it doesn't even really make sense that I miss NYC. Though I had some lovely times, I spent a good amount of time being excessively lonely as well as lost in terms of life's directions. Even if I move back, as I'd like to do, many of my friends will have flown the coop for other places. I haven't had many chances to actually live in other cities or towns or, sure, countries, and yet as an old lady homebody soul, I'd like to feel rooted somewhere so that I can grow upward and outward instead of inward. On the other hand, I know it's more really about the people who you find to surround you that make up these kinds of roots, but as a (single) individual, the only thing you can kind of control about the future is location.

For some reason, I guess NY and by extension, my home girl New Jersey, has always been where I've felt most like myself and where I've felt a kind of beating heart that I've never felt here. And Tony Judt's op-ed My Endless New York captures some of that feeling and inspired this post, which is lucky because I had not a jot of another idea for what to write about today.

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