Wednesday, November 10, 2010

book ladies

llibreria - bookstore - Amsterdam - HDR
photo from MorBCN

Sorry this will be another short filler kind of entry, as unsurprisingly, I'm running behind in my life and very tired. Also today, I consumed three different baked goods. Just roll me out of this chair thanks. A rolling Janet gathers no moss.

Shortie short short. Just wanted to mention that I've come across three reading lists in the past week - random links on twitter or one of those email things I subscribe to that I haven't yet been able to hit unsubscribe because it is funny or informative just often enough to stay in my good graces but not good enough to heal the wound of noticing another e-mail in my inbox but then realizing it's not a personal email. Although rolling moss Janet would like to take an email vacation please, super good graces or not.

Anyways, these lists. I shouldn't even have looked at them. They had zero to two female writers. For lists that numbered from ten to fifteen. What the hell is up with those odds? Stupid lists. All this crap, etc. etc.

[Plus other book-related sidenote gripe grr arr is about humor in fiction. I think it's incredibly difficult to write funny. Errrr. Write funnily? That just looks plumb dumb. Write humor. Anyhow, it seems like such a rare quality in literature with writers just falling over themselves to be super serious and/or super sad and/or the next best super writer. It's so tiresome to read a mediocre book where you can feel the writer dressing to impress. I'd even just rather read plain mediocre. Hehe that sounds like "plain yogurt."]

ANYWAYS, I thought I'd just skim my woefully short memory for female authors that I've read recently or writers that I just really love for you to check it. If you, like, still read and stuff and haven't turned into an internetworkingmediabot-ravaged zombie. In which case, please go elsewhere for brains. Mine are gathering moss. And are not chewy and delicious.

My quickly drawn up list, no particular order: Lan Samantha Chang, Jennifer Egan, Nicole Krauss, Zadie Smith, Lorrie Moore, Elaine Dundy's The Dud Avocado, Elizabeth Strout.

That's all folks. Live funnily ever after.

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