Friday, November 05, 2010

Arganica Farm Club

apple cider donut, king of fall donutry

I was close to not writing a post today since I have to cram for a test on being an ethical lawyer (and who reads blog posts late friday night and early saturday morning? not even ethical lawyers), but seeing as how I actually made it through 4 days straight, I should chin up wot wot. I was also a bit hesitant to continue this daily post thing because today I stumbled onto this site that was super pretty and about design and stationery and ladidah, except it was so poorly written, it made me afraid, that posts like my previous one would likewise just be a burden upon humanity. But I don't have a run-on in every other sentence (even though that last one there was super long!)! Urgh - run-ons make me Angrybot. Have I spared you some amount of suffering through some attention to grammar? I hope so. Wot wot. Why am I doing that? I don't know.

So two weeks ago, I signed up for a free trial membership to Arganica farm club. What the hell's a farm club? you may wonder. I know, I'm grumpy right now too. Imagine Peapod grocery delivery smashed with a CSA sort of idea and there you have it - Arganica farm club. You pay various levels of membership fees but you get to choose what you get. They curate a product list every week, highlighting any new products or yummy recommendations. You mark your order on this handy excel sheet, although eventually they'll have capability for customers to order online. They try to source their products from local producers. And they deliver to your door! Handy dandy.

My first order included an order of frozen apple cider donuts from Virginia's Carpe Donut, because really I can't turn down any opportunity to have apple cider donuts. I made the mistake of ordering a merely organic (rather than local) cauliflower. I had been envisioning beauteous cruciferocity, but it turned out to be a rather small one from Cal-Organic. Free-range, local eggs from Grass Valley Dairy have lovely, orangey-gold-sunset-colored yolks and taste great and this week brought me a great chewy yet crusty pain au levain from Albemarle Baking Co.

They have some local farmers' markets favorites like Polyface and Trickling Springs Creamery, as well as some suspiciously out-of-season things like strawberries. I can't really fault them for offering stuff like strawberries, avocados and bananas if they're vying to be a convenient, affordable, healthy, mostly-local grocery alternative. It's hard enough to be all those things at once.

Still, I don't think I'm going to continue after my trial is over. It was good timing to give Arganica a try because School, that evil Bitch, has made life a little busy this month, so it was nice to have this option to get local produce. But I miss going to farmers markets and taking in what the season has to offer and being able to see, feel, taste and choose stuff before buying. I'm also not very interested in all the prepared food (while they really do sound amazing and yummy) that Arganica offers as well.

It's an interesting concept and I'd be very curious to see how it does and whether other places have something like this in place. I'd be especially curious to see how it would do in places where it's hard to get to a farmers' market or even a grocery store. Like if they had something like this in my suburban hometown, I'd love it. But that's another story. I would recommend giving it a try to those humans in DC who like food. I see how it would be especially useful if you live in a group house with shared food duties or are cooking for more than one.

As for this party of one, I should go plead brain to absorb some more studying.

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