Tuesday, November 09, 2010

and now, an impression of the dormouse in alice in wonderland

Murder Mystery Night
Murder Mystery Night

I am too tired to think of anything to blog about. Today I went to school and did school stuff. I ate dinner cobbled together from Whole Foods. Attempted to eat their two-bite brownies but found pieces of what may be nuts or monster boogers, so I stopped eating them. Did you know you can return anything at WH, even without a receipt? Handy. I watched part of the TV show, Raising Hope. I've only seen it once before but I don't think I'll ever be able to escape remembering how I was once in a bar on the Upper West Side and Martha Plimpton was there. I think she was doing a show at Lincoln Center Theatre at that time. And my friend was drunk and then went up to her even though he didn't know who she was and said, "I love your work" and I was very embarrassed. I also watched Running Wilde, which has its moments of funniness. My favorite character though is Peter Serafinawicz as Fa'ad because he gets to do ridiculous things and be hilarious.

That is about all that happened today. This entry exemplifies exactly what I think blogs should not be about, because it is like what I had to do in Korean school to write about what I did one day and then they were all extremely prosaic, whatever things because I didn't have the vocabulary to express anything more than, today I played with my friends and ate such and such. It is like being forced to overhear an extremely boring cell phone conversation while stuck on a bus which makes you wonder whether you'd rank mindlessly boring under enragingly annoying and then you decide, yes, you do.

And now, hopefully later forgiven for swiping one his picture above despite his rights reserved. I will lead to you my friend vijay's photography site and flickr for some cool shots. They will be awesomer and prettier than my boring day.

Right now I feel like Mr G blockhead. Early sleepytimes for me tonight!

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