Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creaky Fingers


Wow. One post in 2009 about garlic as a barometer of my mental and emotional health. Maybe that whole year can be signified by carbonized garlic. So, hey, hi! I guess I'm going to try getting back to this blogging thing. Look, I'm already on the cusp of surpassing last year's one-post record. I feel accomplished already. Pat, pat. I dunno, I guess I missed rambling to mostly people I already know on the internet. Verbal rambling to invisible people, not as socially acceptable. Also, I'm afraid that law school has turned my writing into unseasoned mush, so I get to practice here again. Look at this paragraph! "Wow" is not my topic sentence!

I took a brief look over some of my archives (which, by the way, are all weird after the transfer transmogification or whatever it's called between platforms) and was like, whoa, what's with all this... doing stuff?? Attending concerts? Writing reviews? Remember when I loved Grey's Anatomy? Haaa. So I guess I've regressed and lost touch with humanity and current events. Or maybe that's just law school. (Hm, who am I going to set up as the big, cackling villain in this story?) So I have to admit I'm kind of at a loss about what I'll be writing about. Third year of school? What leftovers I'm bringing to lunch? Why cupcakes are still trendy in dc? I know it sounds totally enthralling, yo.