Sunday, October 19, 2008

every week is new years

I find myself exponentially outpaced by the tumblr crowd and also mumbling to myself about varoius things. (Now, there's an idea. mumblr. The blog platform for the painfully shy. They type in corners.) There is a lot of grumbling and grousing, especially in the mornings. Every morning is like Monday morning. So, through no connection of logic at all, I shall mumble more to the internets. Also, I make this resolution every few months. Just like every week, I decide, Oh yes, I shall wake up early and never be rushed. Such human dramedy, this thing called delusion.

For example, news of note today: 1) I sort of rinsed off two dishes and put them into the drying rack and then realized that the drying rack is not the dishwasher. And 2) I bought a brussel sprout tree today. I will have to take pictures.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

voting with your stomach

My ballot's in the mail on it's way to my home state.

I will have to say, it was tempting to vote for the All Day Breakfast Party candidate running for House.