Wednesday, May 21, 2008

brain switch off

So! I figured out how to upgrade and un-break my website!! I was so excited last night I went to sleep. That is the equivalent of a pat on the back for me.

I wanted this first unbroken entry to be like, wham! zoom! pow! exciting but whenever I want something to be good, I blank out. Like when I have to name a place to eat right away, it's as if I've never heard of "restaurants" before, much less good ones.

I am having an absent-minded professor sort of stretch. Except I'm not a genius to make up for the absent-mindedness. I almost got run over by a bus. And I walked through a subway turnstile, with GREAT PURPOSE and great force, only to be stopped by the missing swipe of some meaningless, unrecyclable plastic. CHUH. And I spelled "habit" yesterday, "happit" (in an e-mail about Gossip Girl), then blithely corrected myself with "habbit." Dangnabbit.

I am listening to Andrew Bird right now. He is totally filling a void that had appeared in my day. A Bird-shaped void, which looks like a fiddle.

Huh. This is disjointed isn't it? Well, when have I ever offered a direct line from point A to point B? So much has happened while this has been dormant. I'm going to law school! I'm moving to a new city! The back of my mind has some neurons or something that are freaking out. But the rest of my slightly overcaffeinated brain is just cruisin'.

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