Wednesday, December 26, 2007

womp womp

What is with this weather? All gloom and doom and no cheerful fluffy flakey things. They are all at the mall. The sky mall. Hahahahahaha. I totally didn't mean to make an airline shopping catalog reference... for snowflakes. Laughs at her own inadvertent joke: check! Can a joke even be inadvertent? I'm not liking how the word "inadvertant" is looking right now. I am going to avert my eyes.

I didn't have any holiday spirit this year. Presents went unbought, tree sits somewhere in some sad suburban lot, cookies and other baked goods plans fwoop! down the fwoop! tube. Perhaps that's where all my good intentioned plans go. Fwoop! And then to the sky mall.

General malaise. Grr. Arr. I don't think I had nearly enough vacation. That's the verdict.

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