Monday, December 10, 2007

Wha? del Mundo

Wikipedia says that in El Salvador, there's a National Pupusa Day, on the second Sunday of November. PUPUSAs. They are so cute and round and delicious. Corny cheesey babies.

Okay. I've only had them twice. But they were enough to convince me that pupusa days should be far more common 'round these parts. I had what Robyn might call "epic fail" on Saturday, because I performed amazingly poorly when it came to our jaunt to Bahia in Williamsburg. This is probably due to my staying out super late the night before and being an idiot imbiber. ANYHOW, you can read more about the foods at a passion for food.

The reason I'm really here is to share a little treat we heard at the restaurant and I just had to track down -> Treat. It's all like deceptively normal in the beginning but then... the breakdown! It's from this album and what else can brighten your gloomy Monday?

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Robyn said...

You were tired! It's okay. [pat pat]
And OMG YOU FOUND THE SONG, AMAZING, I am downloading nowd! :D