Tuesday, October 02, 2007

summer's overrrrr

Look at how my English has degenerated. All I feel the urge to do is put excessively additional letters to the end of words. Can something even be excessively additional? Am I living in a world of redundancy and duncery?? I raise my cap to you. I'll drink to that.

LOL. Can you tell it's totally past my bedtime? I'm not sure my words are even words. Does anybody still do "LOL"? I mean, that was kinda lame even in the late '90s. I preferred, and still do, the more maniacal hahahahahahha or hohohohohoho, etc. etc.

I can't believe it's been half a month since I put up something here last. It's already freaking October. What the hell have I been up to? Oh the mind numbing nothingness....

Lately, I find that I've been having trouble keeping up with all my regular blogs. I've recently switched over from kinja to google reader, which makes it easier both for entries to pile up and not forget that you haven't read the past 20 or 200 things. Also, I guess I've become blasé about the countless bands and recipes and newsfeeds and stuff. There's the few that I always look forward to reading, but of course those aren't the ones with entries piling up. Scarcity increases demand? Hmmmmmm.

Like I have any demand to supply scarcity. I do it for free!

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