Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beirut, Colleen, Wordless, PostEverything

Wow, look, the most uncreative post title ever. I guess I could have strung them into a refrigerator magnet poetry sort of sentence. Colleen wordlessly went to Beirut to post everything she knew about cauliflower. Ha ha ha. That is not remotely entertaining. Or nearly entertaining.

I meant to put up this review of the Wordless Music concert I went to like a month ago, with Beirut and Colleen. The Wordless series are these concerts that pair indie type popular artists with classical to, you know, break down the artificial divide or whatever. There was going to be a whole discussion on the idea of classical music and 'indie' and (possible) intersecting audiences and pieces. But you know what? I'm a big lazy laze. So I'll just leave you with the review for now.

Here's the video from one of my favorite Colleen tracks, "I'll Read You a Story." You know me, use music box things in a song and I'll eat it for breakfast. Mmm crunchy. Metal. Bittersweet. There are those magnets again.

Also, while rooting around exploring Colleen's discography, I found a great site called PostEverything. It's like a small, cosy record store where you can browse around the eclectic-a and discover random, lesser-known artists. Except it's on the interweb! No mean hipster sales people! Just register and you can listen to full tracks. I haven't gotten a chance to look around at the many artists they offer, but looks cool.

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Robyn said...

Ahhh, I heart Colleen! I think I have four of her albums. ...Not all of which I like, but "I'll Read You a Story" is my fave, yes. :) IF ONLY I COULD'VE SEEN HER, HOHUM.
I s'pose Mum is in our future!