Wednesday, October 03, 2007

bat for lashes - fur and gold

Review of Bat for Lashes's Fur and Gold.

I started out thinking that this album was just okay. But then it grew on me, but in a weird way. Not like a third head. Or... um, a second. Heads with very little brain, obviously. Anyways, I gave this a very high score, but it's not music that I hold dear to my heart or anything. It's not, like, on my Facebook favorites list, okay? Or I guess a better description of how I feel is, I won't travel to see Bat for Lashes live, though I hear the shows are pretty great. Something about the connection is a little fuzzy. But every time I listened to some of the tracks, I had to admit to myself, this sounds really good. It's too bad the lyrics didn't add up.

You will like this if you like: to be just like Thom Yorke, Halloween, Victorian-gothic type imagery, Cat Power's voice, Tori Amos

Take a listen: Horse and I

Here's the fun video of What's a Girl To Do. Ridiculous and creepy and karaoke-worthy chorus, all at once!

What I didn't include in the review — I hated the piano lick (riff? I dunno what to call it. "Thing that lasts a few bars.") in "Prescilla" which you can hear at the end of this snippet, because it sounds like a bit from Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, which totally doesn't align with the mood of this. I'm assuming she didn't include it with this intention, but it makes me cringe everytime... although otherwise, I like this song a lot. Very Tori. Not very Whig. Hahahahahahaha. Sorry.

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