Thursday, August 30, 2007

jersey gardens

You know, often I get the New Yorker a day or two later than people in NY. Which sucks. That means I can't be as hip and like, in the know. Being in the know is like a prerequisite for being a New Yorker. Cuz then you can be like, oh that, I've heard of that, and then you're totally cultured. Like yogurt. I'm sorry I couldn't help it.

Whatever. The result is, though, that the past few weeks that I've gotten the magazine in the mail, I've felt so ... New Jerseyan. But that's cool. Because I am.

These Edible magazines sound interesting. I like food. I live in NJ. I want to check one out, but my county is not even listed here.

NJ is the birthplace of many cool people, like all these chefs and food peoples. Tom Colicchio is from Elizabeth. Alice Waters is from Chatham. She also sounds like maybe she hasn't been here for a long time and would not enjoy herself here. But we are a great and variegated state. By the way, I'm writing this in a Dunkin Donuts that's attached to a diner that's inside a mall that's on the turnpike next to a factory. Where can you get that in Berkeley, huh? Maybe you can. A miniature replica made out of cheese made from the milk of grass and cotton candy fed cows. I don't know.

It's no secret that there's very good Asian and Indian foodplaces around me. Because, surprise, there are a lot of immigrants. It's a cool place to be. But that foodie-type train goes right by this part of the Northeast Corridor. We're too ethnic.

I hate that term.

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