Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Grumply's still here, rumply rambly.... ...r.rr...

I heart my new mug. It's like having coffee in a traffic cone colored happy place.

This place is depressing with no words on it, even with all the brightly-colored elephants and stuff. Whatever, they are like decoys. Last week, I was super sad face and I went to Barnes and Noble and there were lots of noisy tweens there — that's that obnoxious stage before obnoxiously awkward teen stage, yes? oh hannah montana, do they hold the power of the pursestrings — yeah, instead of turning to the dark arts, I went to the book store. I bought Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises because I've been meaning to read that forevs, and a bunch of chef-y books by Michael Ruhlman who's my new best friend who doesn't know it (besides the inimitable Michael Cera) ... and while I'm all sad facey, I hear the strains of Jerome Kern's "Why Was I Born" that the store is playing. Do you know how this song goes? Yeah, whatever, it is a love schmuv song. But the part I heard was the one that goes:

Why was I born/Why am I living/What do I get/What am I giving

Like, WTF.

Wouldn't it be funny if that were somebody's initials? Like, maybe it didn't matter a few decades ago for William Talcum Frogbottom or Wendy Toblerone Froufrou to get monogrammed towels of 300% Egyptian Cotton or on fancy Crane stationery. But now, to emblazon WTF... It would be okay on a backpack though. You know which kind I'm talking about.

I guess that's what different these days. You can't just imprint your initials everywhere you want. Initial caution. BRB is not so bad I guess. LOL is pretty lame. Lamey Oliver Loser. But WTF. That makes me laugh.

Well, that went on a little longer than I intended. I guess I got carried away.

Pocky is delicious. It is a recent realization that Pocky and other such Asian products make these delicious sticks with cheese powder. Who knew? I'm going to start using "excerich" too. What a great word. If something is excellent and rich, why the hell not? Excerich! But it makes me think of headache medicine. That's the downside, Pocky marketers.

I want to make this plum crumble this weekend. Yes.

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