Friday, August 31, 2007

Twinkly smiles

Nattoppet - by Detektivbyran

I heard this song and it made my day. It is magically delicious. Like living in a music box full of parties and hugs and sparkly strawberry sorbetto.

Oh sweet, sweet Sweden. Thanks for the "pling plong tunes" of Detektivbyran and your copious use of K's and accent doodads. You will like these guys if you think the Amelie soundtrack is all sorts of charming.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

jersey gardens

You know, often I get the New Yorker a day or two later than people in NY. Which sucks. That means I can't be as hip and like, in the know. Being in the know is like a prerequisite for being a New Yorker. Cuz then you can be like, oh that, I've heard of that, and then you're totally cultured. Like yogurt. I'm sorry I couldn't help it.

Whatever. The result is, though, that the past few weeks that I've gotten the magazine in the mail, I've felt so ... New Jerseyan. But that's cool. Because I am.

These Edible magazines sound interesting. I like food. I live in NJ. I want to check one out, but my county is not even listed here.

NJ is the birthplace of many cool people, like all these chefs and food peoples. Tom Colicchio is from Elizabeth. Alice Waters is from Chatham. She also sounds like maybe she hasn't been here for a long time and would not enjoy herself here. But we are a great and variegated state. By the way, I'm writing this in a Dunkin Donuts that's attached to a diner that's inside a mall that's on the turnpike next to a factory. Where can you get that in Berkeley, huh? Maybe you can. A miniature replica made out of cheese made from the milk of grass and cotton candy fed cows. I don't know.

It's no secret that there's very good Asian and Indian foodplaces around me. Because, surprise, there are a lot of immigrants. It's a cool place to be. But that foodie-type train goes right by this part of the Northeast Corridor. We're too ethnic.

I hate that term.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Grumply's still here, rumply rambly.... ...r.rr...

I heart my new mug. It's like having coffee in a traffic cone colored happy place.

This place is depressing with no words on it, even with all the brightly-colored elephants and stuff. Whatever, they are like decoys. Last week, I was super sad face and I went to Barnes and Noble and there were lots of noisy tweens there — that's that obnoxious stage before obnoxiously awkward teen stage, yes? oh hannah montana, do they hold the power of the pursestrings — yeah, instead of turning to the dark arts, I went to the book store. I bought Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises because I've been meaning to read that forevs, and a bunch of chef-y books by Michael Ruhlman who's my new best friend who doesn't know it (besides the inimitable Michael Cera) ... and while I'm all sad facey, I hear the strains of Jerome Kern's "Why Was I Born" that the store is playing. Do you know how this song goes? Yeah, whatever, it is a love schmuv song. But the part I heard was the one that goes:

Why was I born/Why am I living/What do I get/What am I giving

Like, WTF.

Wouldn't it be funny if that were somebody's initials? Like, maybe it didn't matter a few decades ago for William Talcum Frogbottom or Wendy Toblerone Froufrou to get monogrammed towels of 300% Egyptian Cotton or on fancy Crane stationery. But now, to emblazon WTF... It would be okay on a backpack though. You know which kind I'm talking about.

I guess that's what different these days. You can't just imprint your initials everywhere you want. Initial caution. BRB is not so bad I guess. LOL is pretty lame. Lamey Oliver Loser. But WTF. That makes me laugh.

Well, that went on a little longer than I intended. I guess I got carried away.

Pocky is delicious. It is a recent realization that Pocky and other such Asian products make these delicious sticks with cheese powder. Who knew? I'm going to start using "excerich" too. What a great word. If something is excellent and rich, why the hell not? Excerich! But it makes me think of headache medicine. That's the downside, Pocky marketers.

I want to make this plum crumble this weekend. Yes.