Friday, July 20, 2007

It's not sad sobbing!

Sometimes it's fun to pop in a fluffy comedy and mindlessly crunch on some popcorn whose chemicals probably cause an unfortunately named condition or eat a pint of ice cream or whatever (both), I mean whatever. That was sort of the idea behind watching Because I Said So. Fluff is nice in many forms — pillows, marshmallow, clouds... All nice things! (Hm. All white things...)

This is possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

Ok, so I haven't seen a lot of bad movies. Challenging my movie-watching buddy to name a worser movie came up with Spiderman 3, I think it was. Oh, but this was horrible. But not in the good way where it's fun to make fun of the horribleness or even go with it and embrace the horribleness. The possibility of that petered out after about 20 minutes. Even the ridiculous parts sucked. It was like the dementors in Harry Potter who take away all the joy and happiness in your life.

But considering just how much this scene about the korean spa/massage place was super stupid (the English translations for the spa ladies don't match up in any way. One says like "Chuh, crazy lady" and the subtitle is like three lines long. What's the deal??? It's not even funny.) made me think how this might have been a successful "culturally-aware" movie about a korean family of mom and daughters. Take away the sex and underwear talk (substitute with issues of dieting and skin), the romantic pairing with Reverend Camden, the internet, and all that cake-baking and singing and dancing, and you've got yourself a monstrous construction of a korean mother who knows nothing but to hover and who wants to get her daughter married to a rich man, no matter the costs. Then the plot and the characters could have some sort of cohesion.

It could be like a comedy with serious undertones. Culture clash! Who will win! Who will die! Who will she marry? Dun dun dun!!

This movie makes me angry.

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