Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What is this "praise" you speak of?

NYmag has an article about how different kinds of praise affects kids. General blanket praise is found to be detrimental or at least not helpful in a kid's development or something like that because they opt not to try or work at things that they deem won't turn out successful.

Praise, much like potato chips and cable TV, was absent at the Fortress Nightingale (AND LOOK HOW GREAT I TURNED OUT), so this article read like Intro to Bizarro-World to me. It's tempting to bring in another blanket statement and say that praise is foreign to the old-school Korean upbringing way, but then there are those Korean parents who are sickeningly bragtastic about their stupid, not-so-special offspring.

But is this bizarro-world for anyone else? Is this white-people world? Were you praised as a child? Maybe I was, and I couldn't hear it over the clatter of my piano-practicing.


mihir said...

"praise" does not translate into gujarati. 'nuff said.

mihir said...

fortunately, "why aren't you a doctor?" has at least 50 million possible translations. 'nuff said (part duex)

deepal said...

my mom blanket praised me all the time and in retrospect i also think it was a way for her to express her unconditional love towards me like the article mom

deepal said...

i am not white

deepal said...

though it would be interesting to explore how the western ideals of child rearing influence immigrants in how they raise their children