Monday, February 05, 2007

It's your day

I've turned into drinks.

It's been almost two months. The moon's gone round and back again, because that is what it does. We sleep and then wake up and then sleep. Circle circle square square, now isn't that life everywhere?

I almost forgot how to do this thing, logging into this here site thing and puttin' down some nonfancy code and now that I'm here, I'm a little anxious to crawl back into my cave of hibernation, which is actually what I'm singing to that part of 'wave of mutilation' but I can't remember how the rest of the song goes anyway.

I'm bound to be bad at this, for I'm a little rusty. Don't get iron oxide in your eye. Why the sabbatical? Because I'm projecting from regular life onto this website because I really just want to get away and not do anything in all respects? Mayyyybe. Hot hot. Because I was away having a super-busy life and being too happy to have anything substantive to talk about? Cold cold. Though not being happy doesn't mean you have anything substantive to talk about. My brain needs oiling.

I thought about restarting with the new year. Like a computer. Reb00t, 2007. And I was gonna be like woo! New year and I'm gonna do all this stuff and gee, it'll be great, change and growth and whatnot. But my indolence and inertia had other ideas. They wanted to stay in the cave. They were like, who the hell are you kidding, kid? Don't you remember last year and before that? And then I was going to restart yesterday, because it's like woo! New age! and at least I can make a stupid entry, like on the cave's doorstep. Err, or cavestep. Cave foyer... So I'm one day late. I'm twenty-five. And I can't see anything in my pretend crystal ball. I can't even pretend to see things in my pretend crystal ball. And that sorta gets me down.

Whatever, it's probably because I stay in my cave so much, all shadowy-like. Where's the light? Oh there's the moon. And the rust in your eye. And the friendly bear Heidi who comes to my cave foyer to bite my arms off because she is hungry and grumpy and then I cannot type.

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