Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Detachment Blues

On both Saturday and Sunday, I slept around 15-16 hours. Did somebody not tell me that I am a bear? Or a sloth? Some monstrous combination of both? a bloth? I was feeling under the weather though. Like the weather is one of those old bridges and I'm a grumpy gnome. A gnome-bear-sloth. Cast me in a monster movie! And I won't watch it.

It was weird though, because I felt all floaty and detached from the world, and maybe a tad feverish. I am wondering about that strange detached feeling. If I were an artist, I'd make some freaky video installation that involved floating balloons and gnome-monsters and christmas lights and some people would shake their heads and be like, this is a bunch of b.s., give me back my money. Even though they would get to take a nice, cheery red balloon with them.

Well, it's probably because I spent more time dreaming than living real life. (OR IS IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND??) I know I go through this all the time, blahblahblahblah, where I don't want to do anything and I don't want to try, even with people I like, but then wompwompwomp, I have to try? Is this just going to go on until the end? Is it just a video that plays from time to time?

I don't even get a nice balloon. Because it will fly away. And pop. And choke some bird. And cause global warming. And Michael Pollan will write an article against eating balloons. Even the ripe berry ones.

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