Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm all lost in the supermarket

Sometimes I'm still in NY-mode whilst in NJ. I found myself getting some groceries yesterday at A&P and tiring from the sheer size of the supermarket. You're screwed if you forget tomatoes if you've already gotten to the milk. In NY, sometimes those stores are so small that you'll find your juice next to the Drain-o. The dairy and produce sections in suburban groceries are like two different continents, separated by oceans of potato chips and Chunky soups and sacks of pet food and bright lights. But it's like that most everywhere in America I suppose. I'm just lazy.

I don't mind the effort, of course, if the grocery is nice and interesting, like Wegmans or Whole Foods or farmer's markets and such. Because I'm snooty like that. So, it was great visiting the grocery stores in Germany. Even though when people think of Germany, it's all beer and wursts and potatoes, they do much more, in all food-tastic respects.

Checking out grocery stores in another countries is fun because you get an idea of, well, how other people live. Like in Frankfurt, the jam sections are amazing, the dairy case a treasure trove of creamy delights. There just seemed to be more variety and higher quality stuff in smaller spaces. Snoot snoot snoot.

One crazy 'grocery' we stopped at was at the huge department store in Berlin, the KaDeWe, which is short of something, but I'm too lazy to look up right now. It's two floors of sheer beauty. Yeah you might get tired walking around, but who cares when you're looking at baskets of eggs?! Some of them still had feathers on them, which freaked out my friend who hates birds. I mean, can you just imagine??? You go to your local Krogers or Pathmark or whatever and the eggs still have feathers on them?

sugar mines

KaDaWe really had some fancy shmancy stuff. You name it, it's there. I did sort of mentally faint, however, when I saw their little bottles of Monin syrups and these sugar boxes. So pretty!!

OK, I'm feeling flat and trite, like day old soda. Time to stop reminiscing about amazing foodstores.

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