Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hallo Frankfurt, part 2: why aren't you waving back at me?

fairytale frankfurt

Sorry I've been sucking at life again. My last entry seems like many moons ago. But let me tell you, it's a tough job, sucking at life, and it's really tiring somehow, not doing anything and not wanting to do anything and explaining the lack-of-happenings with more lacks. Call me Lackadaisy! Plus you have to contend with the waning insecurities and the intense sublimation of all bad feelings to food. My favorite part is the snacking. No lack o' snacks! Wheee.

ANYWAYS, I'm going to continue trundling down the path of remembrances of vacation past. Because I already put up these pictures on flickr. And you know me, I'm all about efficiency, like the German rail system. Ho, ho, moving on.

So those dollhouse-like things up there make up the square in Frankfurt's Altstadt or Old Town. It's very pretty but looks rather Disney-esque without the scary singing mechanical children. The whole historic district was heavily bombed during WWII and the buildings were reconstructed afterwards, so perhaps the singing robot children slipped their minds.


Britain has tea time. Germany has kaffee und kuchen, or coffee and cake time. America has ... what? How come we don't have treats at four or five o' clock? Stupid Puritans. Strangely enough, we never had cake on this trip, no sachertorte, no black forest cake, but I did take a picture of an enticing window. What was wrong with us????? Cakelessness is a poor state of being indeed.


I certainly did not go coffeeless, however. Every few hours, we'd sit down somewhere and order something to drink. The milchkaffee is very popular, and I believe it's the same thing as a café au lait - so that's coffee and hot/steamed milk. The latte macchiato seems very popular as well - made with espresso instead of coffee - and that's like the Italian caffè latte but with fancy layering. And the thing in the picture is an espresso macchiato, which in this case looks like a mini latte macchiato, with the layering, but less milk. Confused much? Now my flexible mind is ready to learn how to play cricket with Gumby.

Finally, there's Quark. No, not those particle thingies. Quark is ... curd cheese. That doesn't sound too appetizing does it? But it's yogurty and lovely with some honey and berries and I could eat it alllllll dayyyyyy.
'Quark' is also not a shabby scrabble word. Now the more important issue is, if you were a quark, the fundamental particle kind, would you rather be Strange, and Charm?
The end.

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