Thursday, October 19, 2006

Commuting Perks

There are few commuting perks. Commuting on NJ Transit is actually a jerk, a bitch, and not enough sleep all rolled up into one ugly wound of life. Anyway, recently I've been coming in early thanks to different getting-dropped-off-at-the-train-station arrangements. This thrilling detail was no way my idea. I basically have the capabilities of a drunk three year old until I've had some caffeine and am safely seated or enveloped by breakfast fumes and basically by then it's lunchtime.

So since this little lazy piggy doesn't always want to arrive at work an hour early, I've been a-wandering now and again, doing some croissant investigative analysis (CIA!) (not as extensive as the wandering eater's cia) at Patisserie Claude, La Bergamote and Petrossian Café, and yesterday I was going to the union square greenmarket when my sleepy eyes spied a flag at Max Brenner's: $1 special of chocolate waffle and coffee. !!!!! A chocolatey imaginary bell rang as I remembered reading about such arrangements at lovescool.

Surprisingly, I'd never eaten anything at Max Brenner's chocolate factory. I did go in to look around the day it opened but got intimidated by the interior somehow and ran away. I don't know why. Perhaps because the place is so large? Who knows. There's a coffee/pastry bar type area for takeaway with a smattering of tables, a spacious restaurant dining area, and then a store full of pretty and pretty penny chocolate packages. Not to mention the tubes and whirley machines and crates of chilis and such. The decor is definitely chocolate chic. Coming to a Pottery Barn near you!

Back to the best deal ever, especially because the 'coffee' can be either a latte or cappuccino. The surly lady who took my order slapped a waffle out of a tub onto one of those rolling toaster thingies and a nicer guy made me a pretty good cappuccino and a less nicer guy put the waffle on a piece of cardboard (cardboard chic! coming to an urban outfitters near you!), shook some powdered sugar on it, and went to a cauldron of chocolate and ladled some on the waffle. I ate with relish (and pickles... kiddingggg!) whilst reading depressing news about the world. The waffle itself was alright, probably rather forgettable by itself (like me!) but with the yummy accompaniments, it certainly hits a sweet spot.

I don't know how long this is lasting. Either 'til friday or the end of the month. But conclusion: Best $1 deal ever. If Max were closer to my work, I'd be fattening up on those babies every morning. Good thing it isn't, so that if a cannibalistic witch lures me to her gingerbread house, I won't be able to fit in to the oven. Man, Hansel and Gretel is kind of a horrifying story isn't it?

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