Friday, September 01, 2006

grub burg cont'd, savory village

No sweets-talk today guys. Sad but true.

But there will be EELS! Nothing can go wrong. Unless they start playing xylophones. If there's nothing scarier, it's grilled, saucy eels playing some saucy tunes with mallets. They have no hands!!

5. Falafel discs! I walked gracefully (translation: hobbled in new heel-y shoes) over to Azuri Cafe in Hell's Kitchen to sample their falafel goods. Why? Because it's on that NY Mag Cheap Eats List (translation: interpret 'cheap' as you will). And you know us. We are slaves to lists. This entry itself is a list. It's really hopeless when you think about it. Play, strange eels with hands, play a diverting melodious song!

Anyways, I was filled with a bit of trepidation because I had read that the dude there is supposed to be gruff and mean, but maybe he wasn't there, because my dude was not giving me hugs or anything, but nice enough. I think Azuri is an Israeli food place, as opposed to a 'generic middle eastern', with dishes like shakshuka and Israeli bottle drinks in the fridge. I got a mango one, and the falafel small plate. The small plate was very filling, so I'll leave you hungry bears to get the large plates. The falafel were very tasty, and if I remember correctly, herby. Herbacious! But, as you can see, they were flattish, like discs, which is a first in my falafel experience. What was actually the best was that the platter comes chock full of different salads and dips - hummus, eggplant, white beans, and more - which, frankly makes everything more exciting. Everything was fresh and yummy and if I worked closer, I'd go all the time. Alas, I dont.

6. EELS. If you are a fan of japanese style grilled eel with that sauce that might include crack it's so tasty PLUS korean style bibimbap in a stone pot, you will LOVE the 'mix eel rice', or hitsuma bushi, at Chikubu in midtown. This dish is only served on monday through thursday, cuz friday is RAMEN DAY (I hear this is excellent as well. Must return!). The foods, even with a lunch menu, are a bit pricey here, but japanese food tends to be pricey, and dammit, everything was so quality and unstingy. The mix eel rice is basically an unagi-don but a-crackling in a hot stone pot. The entree came with a few pickley things, miso soup, and a little kettle of either hot water or light stock. Basically you eat a lot of the rice, then pour in the water, and voila! A tasty soup-type thing with crackly rice bits!! My friends had excellent noodles and sushi. And if I had more money, I'd go all the time. Alas, I don't. Oh the emerging themes.

Okay, there will have to be one or two more installments of Grub Burg. Because that's just how we roll there. Like sushi.

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