Friday, September 22, 2006

emo mountain

Revisiting the idea of blue notes and what music, if any, you listen to when you're down... just wanted to share John Darnielle's words from an interview:

"I mean, it's a real honor, maybe the highest honor, to write something that might give somebody a moment of comfort on a sad day, even if that comfort amounts to just helping them go even deeper into that sad place, which is how I use music for comfort. This is gonna make me sound like The Man Who Lived On Emo Mountain, but my favorite music is stuff that makes me cry uncontrollably."

Speaking of Emo Mountain, Grey's Anatomy, though it is set in this "Seattle" place, pretty much takes over that magical mountain kingdom. And I'm happy to report that the show still makes me cry when I'm watching it alone, so my friends can continue to make fun of me. And the season premiere didn't suck like I was afraid it would, so let's hope it stays that way. And I hope the writers get it into their heads that their audience doesn't need to be beat over the head with their themes.

And speaking of sad music and Grey's, I noticed they used some Emiliana Torrini music again last night. She's an artist whose latest album, Fisherman's Woman, is definitely on my bluemusic list (there's a really sad story behind that album too). Somebody over there must really like her... but she's a good fit, and that's that.

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