Monday, August 28, 2006

grub burg

lime thing tart

You poor sillies. You had to read a bunch of rot in my previous entry, yeah? But whatever, aren't you used to it by now?? 'Rot', by the way, was an answer in today's nyt crossword puzzle. I know, I know. I'm such a help. It's a good word.

So did you know 'grub' backwards is 'burg'? So mathematically speaking, that means 'burger' backwards is 'regrub'!!! Brilliant! Where's my Genius Award? burger=eatmorefood!

So you know how I haven't updated regularly in, like, forever? That means, you get a whirlwind tour of notable past grub. Why? Why is there a world? Flummox flummox.

In no particular order:

1. Lime tart thing (above) from newishly opened Tisserie on the northwest corner of Union Square, a nice addition to the Square of Togetherness. This tart was tart and sweet. Tart+Sweet=Trweet. As I was eating the tart, it finally dawned on me that 'tisserie' is short for 'patisserie'. Beams of light ensued. I mean, did the Enlightenment Age have lots of pastries? Sure, society might need that contract, Jean-Jacques, but did you take a close look at your desserts? Sweets=peace!

2. Strawberry tart at Fauchon: one of the prettiest, et oui, tastiest things ever. Strawberries standing at attention in a lightly sweet glaze on some custard in this perfectly crumbly tart shell with a sprinkling of syrupized pistachio pieces. My contribution to the world was eating it. Don't go too late in the day for the fruit tarts here. They run away into people's mouths pretty quickly.

3. From the cuisine of France to that of North Africa to Nomad, in the east village. Sietsema's linked review talks modestly about the couscous, but I thought it was excellent — fluffy, light, and duh, couscous-y, nothing like that instant stuff you make from the box. The entrĂ©e comes with everything under the sun, wonderful merguez sausages, really tender lamb and chicken, and lovely veggies and is enough to feed you for roughly half a week. I liked it more than the couscous I've had at Cafe Mogador (another wonderful place). Nomad has a cosy ambience (with a lovely bathroom, might I add), if a bit dark, with friendly service. I want to go again soon (hint, hint.. to who? I dunno).

4. And now for something different, let's zoom back to the good ol' South for breakfast. Before I moved out of Williamsburg, I went twice to Egg, which shares a space with a hot dog restaurant, Sparky's. Breakfast by morning, hot dogs by after noon. Logical, no? I had to go twice, because the first time was so damn good. It was dog-day hot outside, even though it wasn't August, and the AC made faint attempts, humming alongside the rumbling tunes of Johnny Cash. That first time, I got this hunky breakfastwich - golden buttermilk biscuit with melted Grafton cheddar, this delicious rich, salty ham, with a bit of fig jam - served with perfect Anson Mills grits and a personal french press coffee. You can see the lovely butter tracks on the plate, if you squint a bit. Can breakfast get any better? No. Am I going to order bags of Anson Mills grits? Yes. (You have to order a minimum of four bags... anyone in?) Do I curse people who don't work during the day and can eat here a lot? Resounding yes.
Why, in my four years, in North Carolina, I never had good grits, I will blame on college cafeteria grit preemption. I was like, what is this crap?? (Shaking head) Oh, the lost opportunities of beautiful grit-dom.
Okay, second installment to come. In the whirlwind tour of GRUB BURG!!!!! We have a lot of ground to cover.


tokyorosa said...

Just followed the link from TGWAE--you're as fabulous as she is!!
Yay! A new blog to read!

janet said...

tokyorosa - thank you kindly! I can only wish to be as diligent an updater as Robyn. Now, if my site had an acronym, I guess it would be EW. How fitting! Hee.

roboppy said...

Yaay for increasing readership!
I think "regrub" is a very important discovery. EAT MORE! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS SAYING! Delicious patty of meat. Mm yes.
Ahh I wanna go to Nomad! I love me some cous cous! But I don't suppose I'll go until NEXT YEAARR.
That biscuit looks insane. that?! WHAAT. Does it have an insane factor compared to other biscuits like Levain's cookie has to other cookies?
I want grub...burg.