Tuesday, July 25, 2006

suffering, with accent aigu


I've been away, head like a kite, a bit distant and rather stand-offish and fickle to the wind, with pretty red bows on a string, and, to tell you the truth, I'm all domestic, washing a lot of dishes, and using lots of commas in my imaginary epistolary ramblings of frustration to my soulllllll. Dear Soul, please stop just lying about. Maybe, at least, take out the garbage or something...PS Your commas are way out of control.


I want to take a vacation and do nothing. How sad does that sound? It sounds like remnants of day-old oatmeal at the bottom of a bowl. Chip it away man, soak it in hot water.

Let's do the update thing:
I'm moving out of Williamsburg in a week. They kicked me out because I'm not hip enough. I was on probation for awhile and was really careful about my music listening habits and the asymmetry of style and practiced scoffing and scowling 3-5 times a day, but to no avail. I'm out. There's nothing I can do join in the fun party called the L train is not running this weekend again. I am also too pleasantly plump. That's right, pleasant.

Actually, I've liked my time here well enough and I think the neighborhood is fun and exciting (I mean, graffiti about paté? how much more exciting can you get?? if paté is ever banned in nyc, that stuff is like, rebellious, man!) and flux-ing and all that good and bad stuff. I'm usually staying in and watching tv anyways. Remember my big vacation plans? The real reason is, I'm chasing rainbows, I'm following me lucky charms, I'm going to be keeping most of my paycheck, and trying not to go insane in nj. Maybe I'll become closer to my mother and she'll be my best friend à la Gilmore Girls despite all our troubles and we'll speak in witty bantering rapid-fire korean to each other. Yes, that's it. Or we'll just try not to kill each other, in a bantering respectively halting languagey way.

Is that enough? I've eaten at a few good places lately, got a saucy haircut, and have been eating lots of peaches. They are the fruit of the gods. You know, because when I was in elementary school, learning about the greek gods and how they love their ambrosia, I would always imagine it to be the best and loveliest peaches. And later, I learn, that there's actually a fruit salad dish or something called ambrosia, which involves like oranges and coconut or something not as lovely. Well, that's life.

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walter said...

i asked for a post
i suffered
i asked for a post
janet posted
i felt joy