Monday, July 10, 2006

the mostly pies edition

Friend and I went to check up on the buzz on Pies n Thighs a little over a week ago. It's certainly not the prettiest place to get your hush puppies and pulled pork, but who ever said that Williamsburg is pretty? (My neighborhood however is festooned, yes festooned, in Italia flags, but I digress.)

We ordered some sweet tea, mac n cheese and baked beans, fried chicken and a pulled pork sandwich. The fried chicken was quite nice, crispy and moist, and the biscuit, oooooh the biscuit, was buttery, crumbly biscuity heaven.

I'm afraid I didn't have the palate for the pulled pork, meaning that I can't drink straight shots of vinegar and then crush you like a bug. I mean, I do like my pulled pork sort of vinegary, like a spirited spinster, but I really couldn't eat much of it. It hurted. My friend seemed unfazed though. The beans were tasty and the mac n cheese was slightly spicy, an idea which I like in theory, but I couldn't stop the slightly disturbing thought that I was eating the macaroni form of cheese nips somehow. That didn't stop me from eating more. And every time thinking, cheese nips! cheese nips!

We finished our meal with a slice of excellent rhubarb pie, the filling tart and the crust tender and flaky and everything all meldy in the mouth. The pies are worth the trip. The menu, like most, depends on your tastes.

Last week, another friend and I went to Empanada Mama before hitting up the singularly named play, Millicent Scowlworthy. Thankfully, the empanadas were very smileworthy. Harharhar. Perfect little pockets of $2 fried goodness. I had a pork one which was thankfully sans vinegar and instead tender and spicy. We split a spinach and cheese one, and my friend got the fun pizza! filled one. We had to split for the play so that's all we tried. Otherwise, I could have stayed all night, eating empanadas up to my ears and drinking yummy looking fruit smoothie drinks, and then you could roll me out like Violet, except I'd be all greasy and angular instead of blue and round.
And lastly, over the weekend, I made this cherry cobbler with the sour cherries I got at Union Square. Sour cherries are a new food for me; I didn't really know they existed before this year, or I didn't match up that the cherries in baked goods I've had taste nothing like the sweet cherries you eat in the summer. But they are lovely. This cobbler is suuuuuper easy to make - after pitting (I found that it's easy to do this with those wooden kabob skewers), you just syrupize the cherries a tiny bit and then make a really easy dough and plop that on top and then bake. The cherries mellow out and taste tart and sweet and the dough becomes biscuit-y, light and golden on top. Go eat some!


walter said...

that mac 'n cheese looks like it's made from american cheese. true? is there non-american cheese mac 'n cheese?

roger said...

I think I've seen recipes with cheddar.

deepal said...

where'd the picture of the cherry pie go?

Laura K. Lawless said...

Hi -
Thanks so much for linking to my sour cherry cobbler recipe. There's some coding in the link, though, which means it comes up page not found. Just thought you'd want to know.
Thanks again! :-)