Saturday, July 15, 2006

bourdain in beirut

Many people, meaning like 5, have come here searching for news of Anthony Bourdain and his No Reservation crew stuck in Beirut, only to find old posts about a talk at a library and some indie-tastic balkan brass influenced band. Check over at Jason Perlow's blog:offthebroiler for updates. The latest news is a message from Bourdain saying that they're all safe and sound and that they "have nothing to complain about. Particularly compared to the locals who are having an atrocious time of it. This is a great city--filled with many lovely, proud and generous people and it's heartbreaking missing so much of it. Worse seeing all that pride and hope and tolerance turn overnight to grim resignation. Hope to return to shoot here someday and finish what we started."

What happened this week? The world is falling apart at its very loose seams.

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