Thursday, June 01, 2006

strawberry bliss

That sounds like a lip gloss flavor. Strawberry bliss.

I finally made it to the Union Square greenmarket the other day. This means waking up a little early. Otherwise, I don't have much chance of making it there because of the whole working hours thing. Waking up, for me, is when I turn into somebody not myself, no reasoning skills, no logic, no inner strength, or outer for that matter. I pay no attention to alarms going off left and right. I will convince myself that I do not need to get up. If you call, I will lie to you. Hi my name is Janet and I'm a sleepaholic.

This has caused many a late entry into the office (frowned upon) and sadly, no time to putz around the apartment settling into the day with some coffee and carb o' choice. And no going to the greenmarket. But ah, yes, I finally made it. And it was the most beautiful thing.

I didn't even get that much stuff. But how could I pass up these gorgeous strawberries? Tis the season. I really shouldn't go back to those supermarket ones ummmm that are out of season and shipped from across the country, all no taste and big and disguised in their deep red colors when they're not ripe at all. Forget you.

And so, I ate some, and put some in a bowl with some ciao bella gelato (fragola, of course) and it was good. Life should be so good, more of the time.

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Robyn said...

I need to get em. Yeah. Tomorrow. Maybe I can. Um.