Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Look at me! I almost made it through June without updating again. I was being internet-environment friendly! (less trash!) I was living life to the fullest! (all lies!) I got tired of talking to myself. (dingdingding!). I logged into the old movable type thing and saw a half-finished entry on a movie I saw ages ago and it looked sad and droopy, like a balloon with no air, which that bird over there is choking on.

AnyWAY, gotta .. umm .. air up. Air out, I mean. So I have to catch up with y'all. And maybe finish that movie entry. And talk about all the food books I've been reading and all this other stuff!! But not right now because I want to go to sleep. And that bird will puff up with air and be a bird balloon, like in Shrek, though I think that was a frog. Now you understand why I got tired of talking to myself.

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