Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Motel

The Motel (not a cartoon) is opening at Film Forum for only two weeks in its theatrical premiere. YOU can decide the fate of this movie! Go watch it so that your cousin in Kansas can maybe see it. And then your cousin won't have to go rummaging around the garbage to look for ruby red slippers to escape the doldrums that is the plains of Kansas. Okay. I don't know anything about Kansas. No offense, Fair Square State!

What is The Motel about? Well, funny you should ask and that I should have this cut and paste function on my computer:
"Thirteen-year-old Ernest Chin lives and works at a sleazy hourly-rate motel on a strip of desolate suburban bi-way. Misunderstood by his family and blindly careening into puberty, Ernest befriends Sam Kim, a self-destructive yet charismatic Korean American man who has checked in. Sam teaches the fatherless boy all the rites of manhood."

The movie is directed by Michael Kang, who says the movie is rooted in a fascination for rites of passage in America and counts as influences for this work the movies My Life as a Dog and the great 400 Blows, and also stars Sung Kang who was in Better Luck Tomorrow. The Motel won a bunch of awards including special prizes from Sundance.

More info about the movie at its site.

Watch the trailer and go watch the movie. You will laugh.

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