Thursday, May 18, 2006

tony kushner!!

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to interview Tony Kushner about a children's opera,Brundibar, which is playing in New York right now. The opera was composed by a Czech composer for an orphanage and there's this whole horrible backstory to it — it was performed a number of times at Terezin, which was a "model" concentration camp that the Nazis showed off to visiting dignitaries. Krasa, the orphans, and most of the children who took part in the operas were eventually sent to their deaths at Auschwitz. Kushner collaborated with Maurice Sendak (of Wild Things fame) to bring this opera back on its own terms and back into opera houses, also creating a children's book. He was extremely nice and speaks practically in paragraphs. If there's one thing I cannot do, it's speak in paragraphs, though that doesn't have much to do with anything at all. And with that, read the Q&A, Found in Translation, if you like.

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Robyn said...

COOL BEANS!!! I don't think I'm much of an opera person, but maybe I could deal with an opera for kids. BECAUSE I'M IMMATURE, HAHA.