Sunday, April 09, 2006

the pirate's life for me!

Hello! Where have I been? Nobody knows! Covert mission and all... being a pirate. Saying arrrr and bloody hell and drinking lots of rum in bottles that have skulls and crossbones on them. And oh, the duels and treasures and rescuing mans in distress. (I tried to come up with the male equivalent of 'damsels' but failed.) Thar's swashbuckling fer ya!

Thanks to the outcries of about two people to finally update the ol' blog already, I decided to give up the sea-faring life and come back to the computer. Decidedly less exciting. Just kidddding. You guys are sooooo exciiitttingggg – because you are bored and you are checking this to see if anything is new, unlike today's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

But enough presumption. I've just been pretty lazy-bones and inertia-bound. Life has been same o' same o', like a box of cheerios. ooooooooooo

But things must change. Or else I will get all soggy and gross and mushy. And life will not be ooooooooo, or ooooooooh! It will be eaivuhjdpaobiwepgoijfef.

Welcome back to blather!

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deepal said...

the mountain goats?!