Thursday, February 16, 2006

Meet me at the Met

Reuters uncovers the goings-on of Singles Night at the Metropolitan Opera (for the "under 40" whippersnapper set): non-opera fans, lawyers, bores, and snobbish people with questionable amounts of game look for the sophisticated and educated, with green the color of their true loves purses. Because you know, "This isn't some bar, this is a nice place with chandeliers."

A 34-year-old law student adds this nugget of chandelier wisdom: "I find it exceedingly difficult to meet women of quality," he said. "Everybody is so busy in New York. You're either hard-working or you're living in the East Village doing drugs."

Well, I can't understand why women of quality are not running to you. Your keen reasoning skills must match your debonair good looks and charm with the promise of top-notch quality, yes quality, lawyering clearly ahead of you. But what do I know? But maybe I'm just too busy living in the clouds of dust that are left behind by everyone's busyness and desperate drug use.

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