Friday, February 17, 2006

The Cookie quest continues

cookie or tasty rock?

The cookie quest continues. I was going to try the chocolate chip at Arte Around the Corner, a tiny shop of baked goods and italian foodstuffs, but they looked pancake flat and crunchy and I wasn't in cookie crisp mood. So I opted for an almond meringue cookie, which I've enjoyed before.

When I was in Rome this past summer, I tasted my first amaretti, which are almond macaroon cookies and I thought they were diviiiine. Crispy AND chewy outside and soft inner almondy goodness, rrrrrr the bestrrrr!! See, I even lose my limited powers of speech just thinking about them.

I'm not sure if Arte's almond meringues are supposed to be like sibling cookies or what, but they are very reminiscent of them (such good memories, those smart cookies). With similar texture combinations of crust/chewy/soft, and more subtle almond-ness, these are flatter (obviously) and crunchier while amaretti seem smaller and more domey.

This cookie is, thanks to the power of egg whites, one of the lightest foods on earth. It's a nice change from the traditional cookies you find everywhere else, chocolate or otherwise. So these are worth a try if you like almondy things. Plus Arte has tons of other yummy Italian things going on, including the best espresso in a part of town that's otherwise a good coffee wasteland.

I wish my belly had the power ... of ... errr... egg whites......

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