Friday, January 27, 2006

best vanilla blob ever


Click on over to robyn for more fooding adventures. She should start a series of Choose your own Food Adventure. I bet they'd be super popular. But I guess if you are like me (ie. cheater), you'd just read ahead and 'choose' the right one.

Yesterday's adventure included a stop at Taralluci e Vino, one of my favs. And there was an inexplicable black out, as if the electricity just didn't feel like shining anymore. Sometimes I feel like inexplicably mentally blacking out. Oh but wait I already do. But who cares when there are lots of these little jelly-wobbley like vanilla panna cottas with raspberry centers and sprinkling of vanilla bean things. Vanilla was never, say it with me teen girl squad, SOOOOOOO GOOD.

(pic from roboppy's flickr)


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Some people commented about the dry chocolate cake on my blog so maybe there's an explanation for it! Weee.