Friday, January 27, 2006

Afghan Grill


Last weekend, I was in DC. And that only means one thing. Fill-my-stomach-buster. Ohhhhh. That was pretty awful, even for me. Too bad fill-my-stomach-busters do not prevent Bush from appointing his boyz to the Supremeizzle Courtizzle.

We did go back to last visit's discovery of culinary gold, Belga Café. But one of the nights, a party posse of fourteen (it is easier putting pants on an octopus) had reservations at Afghan Grill in Adams Morgan(?) for dinner at 9:30pm.

If you will permit me to use that young-ish internet parlance – OMG. We waited like a million years. Because this place is the size of your living room, or a New York apartment. And there was another large octopus party. And it was our fault for choosing a small place with a many legged party. In conclusion, my judgment might have been a wee bit skewed by the stomach acids digesting itself.

The owner guy was very very nice and very very apologetic about the wait. After we were seated, he offered us a prix fixe of appetizer, salad, and main course that would nicely cover the range of the menu for $25. Our brains had also been digested along with our stomachs. We nodded. Or our heads sort of flopped around. In hindsight, or more like ten minutes after this, we realized it might have been cheaper to not do this. But we pished and poshed and waited for salad and appetizers.

Perhaps you, like me, have not had Afghan food before. I didn't really know what to expect. But basically, the flavors were full but mildish and not spicy at all. It was sort of a mix of Mediterranean, Indian and ummm I don't even know.. Persian?
We started out with bowls of 'Afghani Salad' (Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers With Mint Dressing) and plates loaded with different appetizers. There were some Bulanee (Leek or Potato Filled Turnovers Lightly Fried, Then Sprinkled With Mint), Sambosy Goshti (Lightly Fried Pastries Filled with Ground Beef, Chick Peas and Green Pege). These were very much like samosas....Bring on the fried foods!!!, she roared! And then there were Aushak (Leek Dumplings Topped with Yogurt and Meat Sauce) and Kadu Buranee (Sauteed Pumpkin with Garlic Yogurt and Meat Sauce). The Meat Sauce made everything look not so nice. But it sure was tasty. I was surprised that there was a lot of pumpkin throughout, but it's such a nice flavor and color, especially flavored with garlicky yogurt, you won't find me complaining.
Then there was rice and eggplant and spinach and more pumpkin (pictured above) plus this:


PLATTER OF MEAT. Can't go wrong with Kabob. Man, I'm such a slogan master. Lamb, beef, chicken - oh my! The chicken was especially yummy and again, the spices and flavors and nice char-ry kabob tastes were strong and meld-y but not overpowering. I don't know why I thought the food would be spicier and maybe I should not describe food by adding the letter Y to everythingy.
Our tummies full, we didn't have room for dessert (which I was a wee bit sad about, since I'd heard raves about their cardamom and rosewater ice cream.) Plus by the end of the meal, the clock was striking midnight and we'd have to go soon for fear of our coach turning back into pumpkins (yum!) and our clothes to tattered rags. Well, more like there was further fourteen person party partying to be done.
(pics from a friend of a friend, both non-imaginary)

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