Sunday, January 29, 2006

500 books in 52 weeks

Inspired by the initial here LHB and YP, I started January off thinking of doing this '52 books in 52 weeks' thing. Being an avid reader from birth (hahahahahaha and a little gross), or from youth, let's say, and living a block away from the public library, at twelve, I once could have read like 30 books in a week, biyatch. Or something ridiculous. Even through college, I read a lot both for classes and otherwise, you know, when I wasn't getting trizashed at the frizat hizzouse. God, I gotta stop doing that. Talking like that, I mean - not the getting trizashed. (Ha-ha-ha! I am such a joker!)

Now, in slightly more aged terms, I am no fine wine, no stinky cheese. My reading has fallen not simply but precipitously. First of all, there's Job (not biblical), and other gold like TV (fool's), and Netflix, and People (well, sometimes). And I find that my reading skills have diminished. I'm less focused, too skimmy and impatient and near-ADD-addled, and plus, I can't sit down for extended periods just to read. There's random subway time, random lunch hours, too much randomness, not enough hours.

But with this project, the lightbulb. I was like Edison. Eureka! Actually that was Archimedes. 7th grade science really paid off. Ok, anyways, lightbulb! Maybe I will read more! And errrr learn things!! And you know, those people on those READ posters at the library are always smiling and happy and ... enriched! I, too, want to be smiling, happy and enriched.

Still, since I'm a cowardly lion - oh wizard give me courage! oh! i already have it! - I feel that I won't make 52 in 52, ratio 1:1. So if I say.. FIVE HUNDRED in 52 weeks, no matter what number I get up to, I will say, well dagnabbit, I tried my durndest and besides 500 is just crazy talk anyhow. So, everybody wins! Silly? Maybe. Crazy talk? Sure.

And unbeknownst to you, I've already begun. #1 was VS Naipaul's In a Free State. #2 was Ali Smith's The Accidental and I'm working on #3 which is Camus The Stranger (en anglais). So stick around chickadees, I am entrusting upon myself the duty of writing at least a little about them (proof!) and the rest of the line, all the way up until (500-n).


Robyn said...

Maaaan yer insane! I thought about buying a book for leisure reading last night on Amazon but I realized I already have a bunch of books I have to read for class, thus adding more to that list would be unsmart. Warrh.
When I was little, I read a lot of books over and over again. If a book didn't interest me almost right away, I wouldn't finish it. Unfairly, I didn't even start a lot of books...not sure what I did with those.
My main past time in NJ was going to Barnes & Noble since it was the only place that opened late at night and was fun to go to (for a kid, at least).
...AND THEN THE INTERNET TOOK OVER MY LIFE, and I no longer read. Except. Required junk. And stuff about food. Which are many times the same, haha.

deepal said...

bring it!

yp said...

I've totally lost my momentum. I'm already behind track. D'ohhhh...

david said...

Good luck! I'm almost finished my fifth book, which keeps me on pace for the year.

Mosh said...

Our part of The Jerz only had Dunkin Donuts for a long time. B&N was where all the cool kids went... Ah, good times.