Sunday, December 11, 2005

the rambling row

Hello! I have returned! Where have I been? Nowhere! It is a magical place, next to Neverneverland, except you don't have to fly to get there - you just sort of lay around and don't do anything (no motion sickness!) - and you have to grow up anyway and you barely put on a respectable front of everyday matters like going to work and paying your bills and not living in a den of iniquity. I just wanted to say 'den of iniquity' just to spice it up a bit. Nowhere doing nothing is worse than flat soda and worser than worse, than flat champagne. Cuz then it isn't even champagne anymore because you can't call it bubbly. And this means that its very nature has been changed. Look how even more rambly I've gotten.

Maybe I'm just being hard-headed, like a goat, with one of those yellow construction helmets, waiting for some grand change to come over me, to goad me into Action!! Maybe I misplaced that thingy that they use for movies that says Scene 23, Take 150,402. Action!!! and all I'm left with is a boom mike and it's just picking up all this crackly silence. Maybe the fish aren't biting. Or maybe I'm just running amok with wild figurative language. Either way, I'm chugging along with a deep desire to give everything up and just bum around. Or maybe Bridget Jones's friends love me JUST THE WAY I AM.

Anyhoo, I'm thinking of switching platforms for this site, over to wordpress, if I ever awake from this catatonic state. Have any suggestions for redesign? Do y'all like the random list-o-links on the right? Should I talk more about dens of iniquities? Less Grey's Anatomy? And I guess there's a couple more books and movies I've read and seen about which I've been meaning to share my delightfully flat-champagne thoughts. I'm ever so popular at parties. And if my comments don't work because evil spammers are attacking my spaceship and I'm too busy pressing random buttons on a control board and looking very stressed out, just send me an email.

Hell, just send me an email anyway. I want to say Hi You! And then you will say Hi! And it'll be great. Just like world peace.

And now it's time for a cookie and milk before bedtime. Because the rational part of me is already asleep. As she so often is.

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