Wednesday, December 14, 2005

grilled cheese

I always feel a bit daft (yes, daft) ordering grilled cheese at diners. I mean, it's grilled cheese. Yet I often do and perhaps this explains why I am daft (1: silly, foolish; 2: mad, insane; 3: not to be followed by punk), oftener than not. Most likely, it consists of two slabs of wonder bread drenched in butter with some slices of Kraft singles, maybe served with fries or soup. Greasy Goodness, the alliterators like to call it. Most people can make an excellent grilled cheese of their own at home, with nice bread and nice cheese. But whatever version, there's not much better simpleness than a grilled cheese sammich.

But really, I should stop ordering that crap. The end.

Anyhow, my point? Yes, points. Before going to see the always excellentExplosions in the Sky the other day, some friends and I went to a li'l restaurant on the lower east side called Grilled Cheese that had been tucked into my little brain in the to-eat-at-list which I can never access. Somebody who knows about brains should do something about that.

Anyway, the sandwiches here would so win fights against Krafty concoctions and remain just lovely, not even breaking a cheesy sweat (ew!). They're grilled with olive oil (according to this Columbia piece) in a sort of panini press, I think, so that they're just crunchy enough with nice ingredients and real cheese. I got the "Grilled Garden" which is, if I remember correctly, cheddar, hummus, tomato, cucumber, red onion, some greens, and a touch of vinaigrette. Cheesabulous! and came with chips. Chipabulous! My tomato soup was a bit..marinara-consistency, but it was fresh-tasting and I got to feel virtuous for not getting fries.

My friends got other kinds of sandwiches. I don't remember. But not because they were imaginary friends or anything. They got fries too. They were similarly pleased. The menu includes other goodies like milkshakes and salads and cookies and wine and beer. All in all, a nice little spot in the über-trendy side o'town (not SoHo, as that Columbia journalist tries to point out).

My new fantasy future now includes opening a restaurant called Cravings. It would serve the major basic cravings of the general populace. You know, because you can generalize like that with no problem. The menu would be listed as 'eclectic' and include cheese-based things, chocolate-based things, and bread-based things. And fried stuff. And some Korean dishes. And hummus. And turkish coffee. OK, maybe it would just serve everything in the world and we'd all sit down together for a good meal and then I would single-handedly bring about world peace. The End.

Pics of eits here from Robyn who I randomly ran into (whom into I randomly ran??? hahahahhaha) at the concert.


Robyn said...

And that "cravings" idea is awesome! You'd need french toast and pancakes. And waffles.

karla said...

grilled cheese. yumm! god i miss eating out. i make grilled cheese sandwich all the time here, but to make it just a bit fancier, i sprinkle a lil bit of oregano then grill it on this local pan called the tawa. pretty good, but definitely not the grilled garden. god i miss american food.