Monday, November 07, 2005

Voice complaints

Sorry the commenting function was all cracked out for a couple of days. Apparently, "http" is called "questionable" and then rejected.

So if you had wanted to contribute your lovely voices and were denied, argh! and sorry!!!

And when did the new version of movable type come out? Now I have to upgrade and I hate it. Because I'll do it all wrong.


walter said...

it was so much cooler having my comments inside of a post than they are dangling on the bottom of one.

deb said...

hi, i tried commenting yesterday and wondered what was so questionable about my content when all i talked about was how much i enjoy watching gray's anatomy (agreeing with you). hmm...interesting blog.

Robyn said...

Even though I use MT, I don't like it. I'm just too lazy to rebuild my site with Wordpress or something else. Mraaaarh!