Sunday, November 06, 2005

grey's anatomy

Okay. Well, Grey's Anatomy is my TV crush of the season. I lurrve it. It plays that silly indie music I like, and makes me laugh (on the inside) and cry (on the outside), and generally feel a little bit ridiculous because this weirdly soap-opera-ish primetime hospital dra-medy knows how to push my emotional buttons. The cast aint bad-lookin' either. Ha!

Some commenter in the TVoP forum described the show as "shockingly watchable" to which I wholeheart-on-my-sleevedly agree. So there you go. I'm on the slippery path towards becoming one of those people who become part of a tv forum community to post something like: I lurrurururuuvee George and my forum icon will be a picture of him. Because he is so damn dorky-cute. Or maybe the icon will be the fabulous Sandra Oh. Cuz she's Korean. And we're all alike.

T.R. Knight, who plays George, was actually in a couple of good plays I saw during my stint at LANY. I went digging through my old playbills after some googling. Yeah. Nerd. Watch out. Next time you'll be like, "Hey, watsup J?" And then I'll be like, "Oh you know. The usual. Running the fan websites for Grey's Anatomy cast members and writing some more fanfic..." And then that's your cue to run far far away from me, flailing your arms and bemoaning the end of the world as you know it.

At least it's not the O.C.


whc said...

i've been watching a lot of laguna beach, plus i watched almost the entire marathon of the ultimate fighter 2 on spike tv

Roger said...

Okay, so that shot at the OC was specifically to get a rise out of me, wasn't it? There's nothing wrong with the OC! At least circa Season 1!

me said...

For all our coinciding tv-watching prefs (Buffy, Gilmore Girls... and... hummmm), perhaps there are some where we just fall apart.... Rachael Ray, for example.
Though you may have a point. I've only caught snippets of more recent OC eps.