Wednesday, November 16, 2005

AzN upDaTe bY **anGelZbaBeEkimChi***

So, Jun Choi is mayor of Edison! He's Edison's first Asian mayor. I hope he does good things. He'll have a lot on his plate. If he fails, he'll *GASP*... dishonor the family, the nation of Korea, all Asians everywhere!!! Look JunChoi, don't go all Butterfly and let some white sailor dude come swinging by with promises of marriage and asking you to go to see Green Day, and then when you say you've never heard of them, he'll say "how cool is that?" and then he'll go to your room and read your diaaarrryyy. Dear Diary: I think I like strawberry lip gloss the best. My friend got some pink Ugg boots. I'm soooo jealous. Oh, and today I won the mayoral election. YEssssss - I just made an irrelevent, unfunny opera-Weezer mash-up joke.

Jun to the Choi won to this sore loser. Interesting fact in this article: The US Dept of Justice was called in to monitor primary polls. Some findings: poll workers telling federal observers voters should learn English in order to vote; and a poll worker stating when a Gujarati or Hindi-speaking voter appeared she would "send them to the nearest gas station. For shame!!! And besides, tell those poll workers that Edison and neighboring Iselin is integral to the New York Times Dining section for every article on Indian food that they do. That'll ... not shut them up. It'll be interesting to see if/when there will be any racial backlash and how Choi's term plays out.

And following up on those pesky Kim sisters, an article that focuses on the negative effects of such parental pressures to conform to a narrow definition of success. 50 Cent had nothing, I'm assuming, to do with the titling of this piece: Succeed or Die Trying. (Sensitive!) Now, if the 'trying' had been 'tryin,' I would have suspected that Ms. Eng got a helping hand from Mr. Fitty. Still, a very sobering and not well-known fact: Asian-American women holding the highest suicide rates in the nation among women age 15 to 24--an American age category that holds the highest general suicide rates to begin with, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Joy Dietrich is in the process of making a movie, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, which addresses this.

I got some St. John's Wort yesterday at Whole Foods and will be giving it a try to see if that alleviates the 'sitch'.

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