Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sick and links. Not sick links.

My day today: 10 cups of tea with lots of lemon and honey, a half a sheet of cold medication, 1928312 hours of sleep, three buffy episodes, really weird dreams, sore arms from yoga on wednesday, most of a new yorker magazine, soup, half a box of tissues, one grumpy cat.

My latest reviews for kevchino here:
bell orchestre - sort of my kind of music. plus members of arcade fire.

veda - not really my kind of music

If you're interested in reading that article about Leon Kass, former chair of the President's Council on Bioethics, I wrote for Accent Magazine awhile ago, I'll send you a text copy. Cuz frankly my dear, the site is rather irritating. Probably because I have an Apple.

Quick useless mentions of what I've been enjoying lately:
Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine
Zadie Smith's On Beauty
David Rakoff's Fraud
Getting an inordinate amount of sleep.

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walter said...

in your review, you spelled "color" as "colour"!!!!!!!!!!! is there something about you that i don' t know????????????