Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Life of a Gentlewoman

Well, I'm kind of bummed because my cousin is going to Korea and possibly travelling to Southeast Asia and my aunt, her mother, offered to pay my fare. She would have been my benefactress and I would have been a modern-day Pip Pirrip and danced with chairs and found myself living the life of a gentle-woman and ashamed of my iron-working common father. Oh the musings! They go too far!

Anyways, I'll have to leave a trip to the motherland and the food delights of Asia for a later day. It has been determined by WORK that the timing just won't have it. Cuz you can't take just a few days to go to the other side of the world. And stupid making a magazine means you're on a schedule. Grrr. Forget space travel, let's research some star-trek beam me up. What could go wrong? Oh yeah, what's my nose doing on my shoulder?

ARGH! FREEEeeeeeEEeee.

I thus called my mother to whine about not being able to go. And she's like oh, too bad, don't eat anything. Fifteen years ago, it was, "Oh too bad, go practice piano" and now it's a combination of the following: "Diet.MakeEfforttoLookPretty.Diet.Don'tEatDinner.Your weight and how you're wearing your hair are like a cancer in my soul. I physically feel sick because of your antics."

My antics being not knowing about grad schools or careers or being impeccably put together like those impeccably put together girls and instead spending nights in with netflix and cookies. Sometimes, she makes me want to go running around arm in arm with Drugs Sex and Rock and Roll and Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. Oh but then what would we talk about?

Since I do everything opposite of whatever she tells me, I headed straight to Whole Foods for dinner-inspiration. Dinlightenment! I really wanted to make some sort of peanut sauce for chicken yesterday but I ended up buying a bottle of supposed 'mildly spicy peanut sauce' and it tasted like slightly sweet soy sauce. Dinlightenment was mediocre. This is another reason I should be able to travel to SE Asia. Great essay skillz. In conclusion and all that.

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walter said...

too bad you couldn't make it to k-world. come to ann arbor instead.