Tuesday, September 20, 2005

tv alla meat sauce

If I remember correctly, I have a friend who used to make excel spreadsheets to sort out all the new fall TV line-ups. Cuz you know, it gets confusing. I thought of him yesterday as my roommate exclaimed, "It's premiere week!" in the ta-da!! sparkler tone of voice.

Anyways, I watched some new tv yesterday while my roommate was flipping around on the tv and her cat was outstretching his don juan paw because he wanted the meat sauce on my pasta.

Report: Arrested Development is still perhaps the funniest thing on tv - and Kitchen Confidential shows some promise. It sorta felt like they were trying too hard at times. Too wild! Too stock character! Too sappy! but it was entertaining enough, though give me the real Tony Bourdain on the Travel Channel anyday, meaning give me cable. I was pleasantly surprised to find John Cho on the cast (from Harold & Kumar) with or without all-purpose asian accent, I couldn't really tell. And Xander is the pastry chef! He has no real name. He is Xander. And Willow is on that other sitcom on CBS. I miss Buffy.

This entry: File under YAWN.

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